Map of Reefs

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Florida's Artificial Reefs


Since the 1940’s, more than 3,500 public artificial reefs have been deployed off the state of Florida in state and federal waters. Florida has one of the most active artificial reef programs among the 15 Gulf and Atlantic coastal states involved in artificial reef development. Because of its large extent of coastline and statewide involvement in reef activities, the Florida artificial reef program is the only state program that is not exclusively run at a state agency level. FWC depends on partnerships with local counties to hold reef permits and manage new reef construction.

Learn more about FWC’s Artificial Reef Program or view the State of Florida Artificial Reef Locations (as of 05/06/2020).

Location Accuracy Note: A value of High, Medium or Low is assigned based on the method of how the deployment coordinates were acquired.

  • High: Deployment locations that were acquired using modern GPS systems such as WAAS or DGPS.
  • Medium: Deployment locations that were identified using GPS systems with lower accuracy compared to modern units; these locations have also not been verified.
  • Low: Historical deployment locations recorded with LORAN coordinates and later converted using computer algorithms to degrees decimal minutes and not yet verified using a modern GPS system. These deployments may have a large range of spatial error depending on the LORAN conversion.