Get Involved to Remove Florida Lionfish

Divers can help by harvesting lionfish and non-divers can help by spreading awareness and eating lionfish. Learn more ways to get involved.

Compete for the Crown!

2021 Lionfish Challenge

Participate in the Lionfish Challenge and win harvesting gear or cash prizes for harvesting lionfish from May 21 – Sept. 6.

Lionfish Removal & Awareness Festival

Celebrate Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day festival and compete in the Emerald Coast Open tournament in Destin.

fish harvested so far in the 2021 Lionfish Challenge
2021 Challenge Logo

2020 Lionfish Challenge Final Results

Recreational Winners

Lionfish King: David Connerth – 1141 Lionfish
2nd Place: Russell Peters – 842 Lionfish
3rd Place: Shane Rasch – 619 Lionfish

Commercial Winners

Commercial Champion: Isidoro Bedoya – 1196.5 lbs.
2nd Place: Josh Livingston – 943 lbs.
3rd Place: Rachel Bowman – 932.75 lbs.

21,569 Lionfish Removed During 2020 Lionfish Challenge!

Lionfish woodburning trophies designed and made by Adam Mahr (IG: @adammahrart)
View David’s awarding video here:
David’s video was filmed and created by Jeff Bernier of American Media Professionals
View Isidoro’s awarding video here:

Join us at our Lionfish Festival and Tournament!

  • The 2021 Lionfish Removal and Awareness Festival will be May 15 & 16 at HarborWalk Village in Destin, FL!
  • Learn more!

Over 758,000 lionfish removed from Florida waters from 2014-2020

Map of Florida's Artificial Reefs

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