Lionfish Challenge


Check back in May to register for the 2022 Lionfish Challenge and to read the full list of rules and regulations for the tournament.

The Lionfish Challenge is a summer-long lionfish tournament open to participants from anywhere within the state of Florida! The tournament is completely free to enter and is open to participants of all ages. The goal of The Challenge is to encourage and reward recreational and commercial divers to remove lionfish from Florida waters.

The Challenge is split into two divisions to cater to both commercial and recreational divers. In the recreational division, divers remove the tails from their lionfish harvests and submit those to participating checkpoints around the state for verification. Commercial harvesters submit copies of their trip tickets of commercial lionfish sales. Participants in each division compete with each other to harvest the most aggregate lionfish or most pounds of lionfish throughout the duration of the tournament.

Each year, hundreds of participants compete for the title of Lionfish King or Queen or Commercial Champion. While there are huge grand prizes for winners, prizes are also awarded on a tiered basis to encourage harvests even for those who cannot compete to win.

The Lionfish Challenge typically includes raffles prizes for diving and spearfishing equipment, Mini-Challenges, resource-based rewards, and MORE!

Lionfish King: David Garrett- 3324 Lionfish
Lionfish King: Ken Ayers- 1250 Lionfish
Commercial Champion- Josh Livingston 4560 lbs
Lionfish King: John McCain- 1137 Lionfish
Commercial Champion: Ron Surrency- 5017 lbs
Lionfish King: Ken Ayers- 1194 lionfish
Commercial Champion: Josh Livingston- 3193 lbs
Lionfish King: David Connerth- 1141 lionfish
Commercial Champion: Isidoro Bedoya- 1197 lbs
Lionfish King: Brooks Feeser- 1632 Lionfish
Commercial Champion: Rachel Bowman 730 lbs

Interested in sponsoring or participating as a checkpoint?